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Which city matches your personality?

Every city has its own peculiarities, which make them one of a kind. Do you like to be active and live a busy life, or do you prefer culture and romance?

Take this test and you’ll know which city suits your personality!

1. Which type are you?
2. How would you enjoy spending your free time?
3. Imagine having to find new friends. What kind of people would you like to know?
4. Who would you not want to get trapped in an elevator with? Pick the worst one!
5. You win a free trip and you can choose from the next five destinations. Where would you go?
6. You’re in a strange city and you get hungry. Where would you eat?
7. Which of these can you be at times?
8. Which of these flowers do you like?
9. Who of these seems the coolest to you?

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